With Bill & Sean


The "Thank God It's Friday" (TGIF) - Rock & Roll Oldies Show airs on Fridays from noon until 3pm and is a very popular show. Sean Lyons & Bill Bailey bring the coast the classics in a way that most oldies shows can't-- or at the very least don't. It's not just a trip to hear your favorite old songs, but a trip through the music that shaped our lives.


They work hard  to make it more than just an oldies jukebox. TGIF has featured specials on Elvis Presley, the dropping of the first atomic bomb, the assassination of John Lennon, the incredible rumor that Paul McCartney had died at the height of the Beatles' fame. Hosts have interviewed Billy Strange and Ray Stevens on the air. They aired original interviews with Frank Sinatra and the Smother's Brothers, bringing the actual voices of the past to life.


In 2005, TGIF won the Oregon Association of Broadcasters Award for Best Original Program in the entire State of Oregon. Sponsors of this show have recorded tremendous response because people are listening. If you want your product or service to reach a mature, financially secure audience, there is no better show on the air today.



Noon - 3 p.m.

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